About Patricia


It’s wonderful to connect with someone who wants to make a difference! I knew early on I wanted my life to matter, to have an impact on others and to do good things. The John Hall poem you see on this page has inspired me since 4th grade when I first read it. Others also inspired me throughout my life: my family, the children I cared for and other teachers I trained in my 20 years in early childhood, my colleagues in the associations I was a part of, those who read my books and took the time to write to me about the impact on their lives, and the many, many wonderful people I’ve met across the country at my speaking events. As you can imagine, I’ve got a lot of great stories from these experiences of lessons learned and I use those lessons now to inspire others, like you, to find the opportunities in your life to truly make a difference.

I typically refer to my life as a “Forest Gump” type of life, filled with many different adventures, struggles, successes, and people. I’ve done everything from own a company at 20 years old, to designing advertising, teaching preschool, owning a daycare, publishing seven books, keynoting at national conferences and becoming President of a national organization, with many personal journeys threaded throughout. I am a daughter, sister, birthmother, wife, mother, and grandmother who has learned many family values and lessons in those journeys. I’ve used my creative energy to design, write, and solve big problems for myself and others. And my favorite adventures with all involve being outdoors: biking, hiking, kayaking, swimming, skiing, sledding or just walking through the beautiful woods around my home. I live in Wisconsin, so we’ve always got a new season with new adventures waiting!

One important lesson I’ve learned is: my life is not unique. Everyone has a story. Everyone has a variety of jobs, family and friends that they love and that can drive them crazy. Everyone has a busy, busy, (did I say busy?) life that is so full they can’t imagine doing one more thing. Much less something BIG that would really make a difference to someone else.

But that assumption would be wrong. And I can show you why.

Whether you’re connected to others through an association, through your job, hobby or beliefs, I’m guessing that you’re with that group because you all have an interest in the same thing. Whatever that “thing” is for you, I can help you take that interest and turn it into actions that truly make a difference!

When we’re part of a group we often feel like: “What can we do, we’re just one person?” But the truth is that a group of any kind is only as strong as its individuals. And yes, EVERY one counts! The problem is usually that each individual isn’t focused on that thing that they can do that will make a difference because they think that the only things that make a difference are the big ones. This is where I come in. I know that when YOU learn the small moments you can grab that will make a big difference, and each person in your group learns them: those small moments add up to one BIG difference!

Check out my speaking topics, then give me a call and let’s talk about the steps YOU can take to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!